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Since 1998 Forge Data Solutions (FDS) has been assisting organisations to successfully create and deploy information delivery systems. With extensive experience in the private and public sector, FDS has a long established track record in designing and building BI solutions for a variety of industries spanning finance and banking, manufacturing and distribution, real estate, legal, criminal intelligence and Government (Australian Federal, State and Local).

Our specialisation is in solutions involving the location dimension in Business Intelligence, incorporating the "where" when analysing and visualising data relationships. FDS is the most experienced Australian reseller of Integeo's suite of Map Intelligence products across all BI tools and GIS environments such as Esri's ArcGIS, Pitney Bowes' Spectrum Spatial or GeoServer.

We work hard to be the trusted partner who complements your strengths to ensure you maintain your key critical capabilities in our increasingly competitive world. Our solutions always keep in mind the need to improve our client’s abilities to respond quickly while controlling and improving management effectiveness, employee productivity, business relations, and customer service.

FDS is a registered supplier on the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme for information management, software services including custom application development. In 2003 FDS renewed it's status as an Endorsed Supplier to the Australian Federal Government.


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The success of all businesses and organisations depends on accurate identification of needs, and the effective delivery of solutions to those needs. Delivery requires timely access to related data and the ability to understand the information implicit in the data. From this basis you can advance group knowledge via analytics and so become better positioned to make informed decisions.

Business Intelligence is a process of translating information into insights, enabling people to dynamically create and interact with data, exploring and seeing the data represented in a variety of complementary visualisations.

Location transcends landscape, climate, and buildings. Data has more meaning when placed its real-world context but constructing the location context of data is a lot more than latitude and longitude coordinates.

So what is location context and how do you put it to use?



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We’re entering a new era of intelligent man-made devices communicating with each other and exchanging data. Machine-to-machine communications is now being called "the Internet of Things" and this will transform the way much business is conducted.

In spite of all the hype the IoT is definitely not just smoke and mirrors. Howard Dresner, founder and chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services predicts that as the IoT stack matures with more businesses building IoT systems, then location intelligence will rise in importance across all industries because first and foremost the IoT is about where stuff is.

Forge has been working in the field of distributed computing for over twenty years. An illustrative example of our work is a supply chain system that our company built over ten years ago.



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Our experience and skills are increasingly relevant as intelligence and decisioning power moves to the edges of networks, with the rise of automated decision making systems and as companies involved with remote sensing move from just delivering imagery towards delivering alerts when something changes. We have deep development experience with:

  • the merging worlds of Business Intelligence and Location Intelligence
  • the application of evolving, complex standards (open and proprietary) - e.g. standards being developed under the auspices of the Open Interconnect Consortium and the OGC OM Sensor Web
  • highly complex systems requirements
  • cooperation with external teams – especially with hardware/firmware vendors
  • large scale software development involving large teams over many years


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