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Forge Data Solutions Pty Ltd is part of the Forge Holdings group of companies and was founded in 1998 to sell Brio Technology’s business intelligence product and to supply training and consultancy services to Australian users of Brio. The OLAP Report, referred to Brio as a “pioneer of interactional relational analysis”, and praised its ease-of-use and basic-level security features.

This business was so successful that in October 2000 Forge created QIQ Solutions Pty Ltd to commercialise a range of Brio focused tools which FDS had developed to automate the creation of dashboards and manage report lifecycles (meta data). Following Hyperion’s acquisition of Brio in November 2003 Hyperion subsequently acquired QIQ Solutions in July 2004. Forge retained the QIQ spatial components from that sale and subsequently launched a new company Integeo (Integrated Geography) to continue development and commercialization of QIQ’s Map Intelligence product suite. Forge continued its close alliance with Hyperion which was then acquired by Oracle in March 2007.

FDS has a special focus on delivering solutions involving Integeo’s Map Intelligence which has turnkey options for all the major BI and GIS vendors as well as open source options.
Forge Data Solutions is based in Sydney with a branch office in Canberra.

FDS is a registered supplier on the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme for information management, software services including custom application development.

FDS is as an Endorsed Supplier to the Federal Government.

The FDS parent company, Forge, was established in 1995 and has grown to be a group of companies under the umbrella of Forge Holdings. Forge has built an international reputation for the creation and incubation of new product technologies while providing software systems for business and location intelligence as well as systems for the management and control of widely distributed telecommunications and sensor networks through Forge Research Pty Ltd. Being a closely knit group of companies, Forge has a depth of managerial and technical skills when designing and implementing its systems.

Forge is proud to be a signatory to the government and industry ICT Principles of Engagement whereby all parties engaged with Forge will have clear expectations of our standards and behaviour when working together.

Forge Data Solutions Pty Ltd
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The Forge Philosophy: Long-term Commitment

Forge provides a focus and point of contact for a wide variety of experience and expertise through those directly involved, associated organisations and individuals. Our philosophy is based on a constantly evolving set of core quality standards and methods. It is our objective to supply skills and knowledge complementary to those in the businesses that we deal with to solve generic and specific business problems.

To provide the kind of skill sets required to maintain our reputation for excellence, we are committed to a long-term program of training and skills enrichment. This program is centred on the kinds of leading edge technologies that make distributed computing one of the hottest areas in software development today.

A great environment for creative work

Forge's head office is located at Ultimo in central Sydney, with excellent rail and bus connections throughout the city. Forge has an office in Canberra dedicated to Australian Federal Government business.


Employment Opportunities with Forge Data Solutions

Forge Data Solutions focuses upon Business and Location Intelligence and has clients nationally and internationally in Government and private industry. Our ongoing need is for staff who can travel extensively and are capable of working in a professional manner either autonomously at customer sites or alternatively within the relaxed team environment of the Forge offices.

We are always looking out for individuals with good experience in sales and training, designing and implementing applications using any of the premier Business Intelligence platforms involving well honed analytical skills, eye for detail, communication and listening abilities and a dedication for results.

If you believe that you possess these attributes and that you could be a valuable member of the Forge team please email your resume to jobs@forge.com.au and we'll be sure to respond.

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