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Map Intelligence


Map Intelligence - The Most Comphrensive BI Geo-enabler On The Market

Our close association with Integeo means that we are the most experienced deployer of Integeo's suite of Map Intelligence products.

Map Intelligence excels at dynamic visual modelling of previously unconnected data layers using the underlying map to expose the relationships. Map Intelligence is seamlessly integrated with all BI tools and GIS environments such as Esri's ArcGIS, Pitney Bowes' Spectrum Spatial or GeoServer.

As the data sets get larger Map Intelligence helps make sense of things by using heat maps, density maps and other methods to easily see data concentrations and spot data anomalies.

Key Business Benefits of Map Intelligence

Our customers have one thing in common - the need to make decisions based on analysis of business and statistical data within a location context - adding the WHERE to WHAT and WHEN.

Map Intelligence reduces the burden/overload on staff:

  • By improving the quality of information available to decision makers and increasing their productivity.
  • By making things easier to understand.Complex data is often poorly represented when only expressed in charts or tables and spatial relationships are only properly visualized on a dynamic map.
  • By not requiring people to unnecessarily read text and tables to immediately see the most important information.
  • By significantly reducing training overheads (especially if you have multiple BI tools) because Map Intelligence has one consistent user interface for all BI tools.
  • By increasing your speed of delivery – you can begin using the software immediately and see results in a matter of minutes.

Maximise the ROI on your current BI and GIS investments.


  • Low cost for high value benefits from 'out of the box' integrated spatial analytics
  • No lock in to any BI / GIS vendor or product combination
  • Works with all major BI and mapping products
  • Mapped data visualizations clarify data relationships, patterns, outliers and trends
  • No programming is required - a fast iterative solution process
  • Toolkit to integrate with custom software applications and mapping products.

Map Intelligence is being used by a wide range of organisations involving front desk operations staff, decision makers, business analysts and non-IT report designers.