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Our decades of experience with BI projects and issues of data quality, lack of end user requirements, system scalability and BI/LI tool subtleties mitigates delivery risks for our clients.

We are very conscious that our reputation is on the line when we assume professional ownership of a project and the final measure of our success is the adoption of the system by your end user community. At the end of every project we leave behind a successful and highly functional documented solution, along with all the skills and knowledge the customer needs to maintain, grow and benefit from the solution.

Our consultancy services cover systems analysis, application design and implementation, data extraction / cleansing / standardization, tasks which often require us to analyse the impact of changes and data model upgrades.

Our team will work with you to ensure the full power of Integeo’s Map Intelligence is considered when building accurate, timely and, importantly, fit for purpose location enabled BI reports and dashboards. We’ll explore paths to create drive higher user adoption with location analytics.

Our training and assessment services will help you extract the most value from existing investments become more self-reliant and deliver best practices for combining Location with Business Intelligence.
Our consultants are based in Sydney and Canberra and are capable of working independently or working with your own technical and business staff.


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